Waarom JoHo Insurances?

JoHo Insurances adviseert Expats, Emigranten en Pensionados over internationale verzekeringen en bijkomende administratieve zaken.

Wij bieden een groot aanbod aan internationale verzekeringen, zoals voor ziektekosten, reisverzekering, aansprakelijkheid en diverse andere verzekeringen.

Tevens bieden wij ondersteuning bij het orientatie- en keuze proces, en gedurende de gehele looptijd van de afgesloten verzekeringen.

Advies op maat, en een snelle en persoonlijke afhandeling. JoHo Insurances is een door de AFM erkend bemiddelaar (nr. 12009104) in verzekeringen


April MyHealth

April MyHealth International


1. Introduction

APRIL International Care France, an insurance intermediary, designs, distributes and manages insurance solutions and assistance services for individuals, travelers, expatriates and businesses. Thanks to strong partnerships with distributors and medical providers, April is able to provide services anywhere in the world. By combining proximity and expertise, the group aims, through its APRIL International brand, to make life easier for their internationally-mobile customers by insuring their health and travel wherever they are in the world and whatever the nature and duration of their trip.


2. Cover, Benefits and Details

  • Five healthcare covers you can choose from
  • The lowest cover (Emergency) is very limited.
  • Each cover offers options to included / exclude outpatient and repatriation
  • High deductibles on inpatient cover possible; up to 5.000 euro per year
  • Co-payment possible on outpatient costs (10% / 20%)
  • Easy online application
  • Optional cover:  "Assistance Package" incl. personal liability cover
  • Optional cover: maternity incl. childbirth up to 6.000 euro in Comfort and Premium cover, waiting period of 10 months after enrollment applies.
  • Optional cover: dental / optics. Reimbursement depend on cover for healthcare. See benefits overview below or the application module for details.
  • Zone 0 + Mexico and Thailand: enrollment is up to 65 years of age (64 is possible, 65 is not)
  • Zone 1 and 2: enrollment up to 71 years of age (70 is possible - 71 is not possible) 
  • Zone 3, 4 and 5: enrollment up to 75 years of age (74 is possible - 75 is not possible) 
  • Not possible in Ukraine, Syria, Cuba, Iran and North Korea
  • Once the insurance is effective, lifetime renewal is possible
  • Payment of premium via either bank card / bank transfer / SEPA direct debit
  • Currency in Dollar or Euro
  • Optional covers for life / disability
  • Cancellation possible per email each year per renewal date, however with a 60 days notice period. 
  • Certain professions are excluded: offshore / oil rigs, under water profs, handling explosives, corrosive, toxic or radioactive substances, maritime profs, surveillance / security, work on hights above 20 metres, pilots and aircrew, prof sports. 
  • Exclusions; we recommend to read the General Conditions art. 8 (page 19-21) 

Tip: To get a better understanding of this insurance we invite you to read the ‘benefits overview’ document as it presents a very clear and practical insight in how this insurance works.

Covid-19 cover


3. Quote and application (online)

Click on the link below to enter the date of birth, nationality, country etc and search for the best combination of cover which would suit your needs. Choose for a high deductible or co-pay on outpatient cover to lower your premium.


CLICK HERE:  Quotation and Application Module April MyHealth International



  • Tip 1: Check our step by step instruction how to apply for April MyHealth
  • Tip 2: The online module does not show all possible covers you can issue (5 covers) but only 2 or 3 of them. When you get to the point where the module shows the premiums you can click on the little green triangle right above the premium to show other covers. 
  • Tip 3: We know most of our clients are not interested in the "death and total irreversible loss of autonomy and income benefits insurances" which can be part of this insurance package, however the online application module will ask you if you want to issue those insurances . If you don’t want that you can just click the button ‘I am not interested’ on the right part of the page and you will apply for healthcare / dental (optional) only.
  • Tip 4: You can always calculate premiums in the module online (and you should as we cannot provide quotes on behalf of you), but if the online application module does not work to actually apply for the insurance you can also apply for an insurance using an applicationform and healthquestionnaire in pdf. You can fill out the forms online in your pdf program, so no need to print / scan. Fill out the forms completely and email them back to us (info@johoinsurances.org) Important! Add a copy of your passport in the email! 


4. Claim process

Characteristics of the April MyHealth International claim process:

  • Online customer zone
  • Easy Claim mobile app for paperless claims (available for plans with cover from the 1st euro/dollar)
  • Multilingual advisors available 24/7 by telephone, email, chat, Messenger and WhatsApp
  • Hospital charges covered directly 24/7
  • Care network in the USA and Mexico and assistance in locating partner health professionals worldwide
  • Claims processed within 48 hours, including for scheduled hospital admissions
  • Paperless reimbursements up to €/$ 1,000 per bill
  • A multilingual plan management team (17 languages)
  • Three management platforms located in Mexico City, Paris and Bangkok

Claim Documents (pdf)


5. All documents (PDF)

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Hoe kunnen wij u helpen?

JoHo Insurances adviseert iedereen met emigratieplannen over internationale verzekeringen en bijkomende administratieve zaken. 

Stap 1: Contact
Voor advies en vragen over verzekeringen voor een langdurig verblijf in het buitenland kunt u (kosteloos) ons online adviesformulier invullen. 

Stap 2: Advies
Wij sturen u ons advies toe, inclusief aanvullende informatie, tips en premies. Wij helpen u graag indien u vragen heeft naar aanleiding van dit advies.

Stap 3: Aanvragen verzekering
Indien u een verzekering wilt aanvragen, dan begeleiden wij u bij het gehele proces, met tips, instructies en het maken van keuzes.

Stap 4: Service
Indien een aanvraag is goedgekeurd, staan wij u gedurende de gehele looptijd van de verzekering bij voor hulp, vragen en assistentie.

Stap 5: Beëindiging
Mocht u een verzekering willen beëindigen, dan helpen wij u om de overgang zo soepel mogelijk te laten verlopen, zonder onnodig dubbele premie te betalen of een periode onverzekerd te zijn.


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